Report for Environmental Econmics

Describe your ideas about follwing two subjects.
(1) Meanings and roles to equalize Marginal Abatement Costs of discharging some pollutant for each company (or economic subjects).
(2) Relationship between "the tragedy of commons (TC)" and environmental degradation. How can we avoide TC?

(1) Originality of the descriptions is the most important valuation basis.
(2) Descriptions should suggest the relationships with contents of the lectures.
(3) Your report must not include any direct quotations from books and websites. If I had found any "copy&paste", the evaluation would become worse.
(4) The total number of words of your report must be less than 1400 and at least 800. The allocation of those words to above two subjects is your choice.
(5) Attach a cover sheet with the course name (Enviornmental Economics), your name, your student ID number, and the submission date.
(6) Use "Microsoft Word" for writing. Word file or PDF file is acceptable.

February 1 (Wednesday), 2017

(1) Your report should be sent to following email address.
(2) Subject of the mail should be "Environmental Economics Report [your name] [your student ID]." This is to avoid not to be processed as a junk mail.
(3) You have to receive my reply mail that I have surely had your report. If you would not be able to receive my reply within 24 hours, your report would be in troubles and I would not have received your report yet.
(4) Don't forget to attach your report.
(5) If you have questions on those submission procedure, email me or come to my office.