Parentheses Editor

(1) First, you have to select the text including parentheses to be checked or editted. (Even if you do not select the text, you can launch the parentheses editor. You can paste a text on the editor area.)
(2) You can launch the parentheses editor from the edit menu or the menu popuped by clicking the right button on your mouse.
(3) The first line is the text you would like to check or edit. The second line shows the result of checking the parentheses. The characters on second line are located just below the parentheses. The same characters (1,2,3,.....,a,b,c,.....) are configured for the same level parentheses. If the editor misses the right parenthesis or the left parenthesis, the error messages is shown at the bottom area.
(4) The checking is automatically executed whenever the text is updated on the upper editor area.
(5) The size of the editor area is also automatically adjusted.
(6) If you select multiple lines on the source, they are comverted into a single line.
(7) The maximum number of the pares of parentheses is 35 (ver.1.3.2). (that is, 1,2,...,9,a,b,c,...x,y,z)
(8) Although the target parentheses are basically "(" and ")", you can change the target parentheses into "{" and "}", which are not used in the GAMS grammer. You can change it in the option menu in the "Tool" menu. (I use this editor to check the text written in the latex.)