Gdx Table Maker

(1) You can start the gdx table maker by clicking the menu on the menu bar.
(2) Copy the EXCEL's table and paste it on the data frame as follows.
(3) Confirm the table by clicking the "Show Table" button.
(3) You can trim the table by selecting the part of the table and click "Trim" button. "Trim" is useful when you unintensionally copied the lager area than what you need.
(4) The table that you make has to include column names and row names.
(5) In case of multidimensional tables more that two, you have to use the expression of the name with dots, ex., JAPAN.AGRICULTURE. Then you can make any dimensional table. This heavily depends on the GAMS set commands, which you should be familiar with.
(6) You can chage the table data directry.
(7) You have to save them by clicking the "Save" button.
(8) "Make Gdx" button make you the targe gdx table file. Simultaneously, it makes the gams file for making the gdx file.
(9) You may check the gdx file that now you made by using the gdxdump command that can be executed on Jagams.